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    Fabrication of Metal Parts

    Sheet metal forming describes the forming of thin sheets of metal by applying pressure through male or female dies or both. Parts formed of sheet metal have such varied parameters that it is sometimes complicated to categorize them. Sheet metal forming processes include laser cutting, water jet cutting, roll forming, deep drawing, stretching, flinging, embossing and spinning. In nearly all of these procedures there are not any planned major changes in the thickness of the sheet metal. Sheet metal designs may feature welds and threads (depending on thickness.)

    Examples of products created in high volumes using our welding and precision fabrication services include point of sale units and retail shop fittings,electrical enclosures, metal cabinets and lighting systems.

    As industry leading sheet metal fabricators of aluminium and steel using lean manufacturing and 5s techniques, we not only ensure the best quality but also productivity advantages for our clients, including faster turnaround and cost-efficiencies

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