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Common sheet metal processing materials

Today, we mainly share the common sheet metal processing materials. As for how to choose, it is generally considered from the practical use and cost:

        1. Cold-rolled sheet: referred to as S PC C, used for surface treatment is electroplated with multi-colored zinc or painted parts.

        2, galvanized sheet: referred to as SECC, used for surface treatment is the use of painted parts. In the absence of special requirements, generally choose S PC C, can reduce costs.

        3, copper plate: generally used for nickel plating or chrome plating, sometimes not processed. According to customer requirements;

        4, aluminum plate: generally used for surface treatment is chromate or oxidized parts.

Stainless steel sheet metal processing plant

        5, stainless steel plate: mirror stainless steel and matte stainless steel, it does not need to do any treatment;

        6, aluminum profiles: generally used for surface treatment is the use of chromate or oxidation parts. Mainly used for support or connection, a large number of used in a variety of boxes.

        7. Stainless steel: It is mainly used without any surface treatment and has high cost.

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